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Something to Say

Something to Say

  • By Steven Kalas
  • Release 28/05/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Steven Kalas is a prolific and multi-faceted songwriter who avoids artistic formulas, rules, and genres at all cost. His lyrics are a gaping mirror into the human experience-extraordinary images of ordinary life. His melodies bring surprised smiles to the faces of musicians and everyday listeners alike; sooner or later, you are ambushed by chord changes and voicings you didn't expect and could never have seen coming. We gave some of our fans a sneak preview of a couple of the songs on our new CD 'Finally Here'. One reviewer said, 'The pacing of this guitar is quite hypnotic. Such a complete song, and the echoing harmony so subtle! Pure energy. This song is simply a classic. A milestone piece to compare all future work by and one to listen to time and again.' And this from a fellow songwriter, 'Steven, how do you pack so much of yourself into 4 minutes? The lyrics are butter. It's so good. The symbolisms are not only natural and simple, but also complete and transcending.' Check it out...YOU'RE IN FOR A HELLUVA RIDE! - - - - - - - GRAMMY Nominated Songwriter, Lathan Hudson writes.... ' 'Steven is a great musician/recording artist who is having success in his part of the U.S. and is on his way to becoming a successful international recording artist. Here's some words about Steven from one of my best friends: Johnny owns the Adventureland Theme Park in Dothan, Alabama. He is one of the best songwriters I know. Johnny and I have had songs that we co-wrote, recorded by Tammy Wynette. He is the biggest critic I've ever been associated with. Johnny could find something wrong with - and would try to rewrite -The Sermon on The Mount and/or works of Shakespeare. --Lathan' ********************Steven Kalas writes some things that blow me away Lathan. I mean, blow me away. I have never seen anyone any more talented, lyrically, and he is a pro singer and melody writer too. If Steven can get out there and get heard, which, apparently, he is doing, the sky could be the limit for him. To me, Lyrically, he's a cross between Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and Dylan. He misses on some of his songs, like Dylan often did, but it doesn't matter because he's so friggin', unbelievably good on the others that, as in the case of Dylan, people will give him a super star's latitude; create something in their own minds as to what the song means, demand no co-writing credit, and breathlessly proclaim, 'what genius!' --JCJ (Johnny 'Chance' Jones, Multiple Award-Winning Songwriter) - - - - - - - NEWS!!! 'Live As If' and 'I'll Wash Your Lover's Car' are FINALISTS in the 2004 UNISONG SONGWRITING CONTEST!!


Artist: Steven Kalas
Title: Something to Say
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 28/05/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 822030001327
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