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Free Night in Dublin

Free Night in Dublin

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Price: £15.36

Product Notes

The Stone Soup Band, like the subject of the traditional folk story 'Stone Soup', is a mix of many different instruments, styles and personalities. They specialize in the modern American interpretation of Irish Traditional music. About the Members: Albert Papp: (AKA I.B. - Iron Baron) I.B. is the Baron of Revelwood, from whence the band all hail. He has extensive training and vast knowledge of the keyboards (which is why he feels it should be the loudest instrument.) All the band members agree that he has the longest and softest hair. Bill McDevitt: (AKA The Vicar) The Vicar started his musical career playing in a Catholic church guitar mass (first public performances.) He credits his strong Irish Catholic background And Mrs. Marcelli as his influence on music. Scott Malone: (AKA Q) To begin with, Q is an enigma. He has an Associates Degree in Art. (Will that be for here or to go?) Q is the dictator of the band's practices, pushing them until it meets his standards of excellence. He plays the concert flute, penny whistle, tenor and alto sax, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and harp, to name a few. Mike Hunter: (AKA Mike The Mage) Mike, who grew up around many musicians, was destined to play the guitar, and a strange one at that. Along with playing the Warr Guitar in the band, he doubles (triples?!) as demo recording engineer, web developer and resident technical mage, hence the moniker. He also has many side musical pursuits to strange for most ears. Ed Small: (The General) Ed Small is the only member of the band that speaks fluent Sicilian. It helps him relax while drumming. When he finally figured out the Bodhran, he was wearing a Pith Helmet and finishing off a bottle of Chivas. His most memorable moment during his first musical tour of Ireland was performing for a touring busload of Swedes at the Kincorra House in the ancient village of Lisdoonvarna. It was there he met the witch while trying to eat some cheese. And there he found the 19 hole underground fairy bus stop. Ed wears a suit. But he'd rather not Tim Howe: (Max the Minstrel) Max is our barker, chief pigeon hunter and snake oil salesman. Amongst his weapondry is FEAR, SURPRISE and a FANATIC devotion to the Mandolin. Max started out as a banjo picker and the after being abducted by aliens and returned he grew a goatee and picked up the Mandolin. Max is an avid sailor. Ed Connor: (Connor) Connor adds the sea shanty voice that makes the women swoon and the men cheer...or is it the other way around. Along with playing the 12 string guitar, Connor provides many of the bands original tunes...when we can translate them... Home.


Title: Free Night in Dublin
Genre: International
Release Date: 13/05/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057741826