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Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series

Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series

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Various Artists - Stranger Things: Music From the Netflix Original Series - This 30 track compilation album includes a range of beloved 1980s hits and classic tracks featured in "Stranger Things" and the highly-anticipated second season, "Stranger Things 2." The album features nineteen songs and eleven audio clips from the show. Artists and original hit recordings appearing on Stranger Things - Music From The Netflix Original Series include Toto ("Africa"), the Bangles ("Hazy Shade of Winter"), Corey Hart ("Sunglasses at Night"), and more. - Composers/Writers - Beckett, Peter; Bon Jovi, Jon; Bowie, David; Butler, Richard; Butler, Timothy; Casale, Gerald; Croce, Jim; Curtis, Ian; Eno, Brian; George Canler; George Karakoglou; Gilbert, Gillian; Hart, Corey; Hook, Peter; Hyman, Rob; Jones, Mick; Kipner, Steve; Lauper, Cyndi; Le Bon, Simon; Marinos, Jimmy; McCulloch, Ian; Meine, Klaus; Metcalfe, John; Morris, Stephen; Mothersbaugh, Mark; Nick B. Headon; Paich, David; Palamarchuk, Walter; Pattinson, Les; Porcaro, Jeffrey; Rarebell, Herman; Rhodes, Nick; Schenker, Rudolf; Sergeant, Will; Simon, Paul; Simonon, Paul; Skill, Michael; Solley, Peter; Spoken Word; Strummer, Joe; Summer, Gordon; Sumner, Bernard; Taylor, Andy; Taylor, John; Taylor, Roger; Tovey, Frank; de Freitas, Pete - Musicians - Ashton, John; Bangles, The; Bazilian, Eric; Belton, Ian; Bissell, Richard; Bon Jovi; Bonds, Fiona; Buller, Ed; Burdge, Ian; Burgess, Martin; Burnett, Sarah; Butler, Richard; Butler, Tim; Byers, Jonathan; Byers, Joyce; Byers, Will; Canler, Coz; Cassidy, Paul; Castro, Lenny; Cawley, Tom; Chertoff, Rick; Clash, The; Croce, Jim; Crowley, Andy; Davis, Krystal; Devo; DiFonzo, Rick; Duran Duran; Dustin; Dustin & Lucas; Echo & The Bunnymen; Edwards, Richard; Eleven; Ely, Vince; Fad Gadget; Fig, Anton; Forsey, Keith; Foster, Ben; Frost, Mark; Fuller, Louisa; Gabriel, Peter; George, Richard; Greenwich, Ellie; Hanson, Peter; Hart, Corey; Hayes, Clare; Henry, Richard; Hoffs, Susanna; Holloway, Tracy; Hopper, Jim; Humphries, Ian; Hungate, David; Hyman, Rob; Jason, Neil; Jenkins, Dan; Joy Division; Kamminga, Helen; Kimball, Bobby; Koster; Laing, Gordon; Lauper, Cyndi; Laurence, Chris; Lee, Dave; Lines, Tim; Lukather, Steve; Marinos, Jimmy; Marshall, Eliza; Mayes, Paul; Metcalfe, John; Mike & Dustin; Mike & Eleven; Morris, Jeremy; Morris, Stephen; Neary, Alice; Nelson, Everton; New Order; Newell, Daniel; Newton-John, Olivia; Paich, David; Palmer, Wally; Paterson, Helen; Peterson, Debbi; Peterson, Vicki; Police, The; Porcaro, Jeff; Porcaro, Joe; Porcaro, Steve; Powell, David; Pryce, Richard; Psychedelic Furs, The; Romantics, The; Russell, Ben; Schmit, Timothy B.; Schofield, Will; Scorpions; Scrivener, Matthew; Shear, Jules; Skill, Michael; Steele, Michael; Steggall. Richard; Stewart, Maeretha; Tarrant, Ed; Termini, Richard; Thomas, Jackie; Toto; Various; Varlow, Liz; Watkins, Richard; Wilson, Dianne; Wittman, William ("Rock Pygmy"); Wood, Peter; Worsey, Chris - Producers - Astley, Jon; Bangles, The; Bongiovi, Tony; Butler, Tim; Chapman, Phil; Chertoff, Rick; Clash, The; Devo; Dickinson, Bruce; Drescher, Bill; Ezrin, Bob; Forsey, Keith; Foster, David; Gabriel, Peter; Hannett, Martin; Hansen, Martin; Hodge, Steve; Miller, Daniel; New Order; Nord Andersson, Mikael; Padgham, Hugh; Petze, Lennie; Police, The; Quinn, Lance; Schmitt, Al; Smith, Ryan; Solley, Peter; Thurston, Colin; Toto; Tovey, Frank; Unknown; Wilder, Mark; Wittman, Dave; Wittman, William ("Rock Pygmy")


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series
Genre: Pop
Theme: Stranger Things
Release Date: 27/10/2017
Label: Sony Legacy
Media Format: CD
UPC: 889854809126


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