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Lullabies for Leyna

Lullabies for Leyna

  • By Teresa Blume Winner & Deborah Lee Hollis
  • Release 23/06/2009
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £13.95

Product Notes

ABOUT THE ALBUM: When classical singer Teresa Winner Blume learned she was expecting, she immediately began to put to action her long-cherished idea of recording an album of lullabies for her child-to-be. She had recently worked with Deborah Lee Hollis on an opera production, and was thrilled about the new collaboration. After LOTS of repertoire exploration, (and LOTS of renavigating as Teresa's ribcage continued to expand exponentially), at seven months pregnant, this collection is what we created. Although dedicated to Teresa's first daughter, Leyna, it has become a gift to share with all loved ones of all ages. 'To whoever is listening, I hope that through it you experience even a glimpse of the love I have for my child. This album was a direct byproduct of that love, and it is filled with it. May you enjoy it's peacefulness and beauty. Thank you for continuing to support independent artists.' [Excerpt from album liner notes]: '... Overcome by how much I could love someone I had not yet even met, I wished to preserve that moment and all it's sweetness. These beautiful songs are my humble gift to my children, theirs, and anyone else who might find comfort in the music. These are not all traditional lullabies; in fact, a good number of them are love songs. (What is a lullaby but a love song to your child?) ...But each song, to me, evokes the joyful depth of a mother's love, the warm comfort of being held close, and the sweet, simple stillness of a sleeping child.' A bit extra about the program, just for CD Baby customers: (Complete text translations are included in CD Liner) 1. American Lullaby. Words and music by Gladys Rich, © 1932 Sweet words from a loving nanny to a restless child. 2. The Little Horses. Adapted by Aaron Copland © 1954 A traditional American lullaby, soothing a child with promises of horses! (And what child doesn't dream of horses!) 3. Kolibelnaya Op. 1/5 Music by Alexander Gretchaninov, words by Lermentov A Russian lullaby of moonbeams and storytime. 4. Wiegenlied Op. 98, No. 2 Franz Schubert. One day in researching repertoire for the album, I accidentally came upon this, found it beautiful, and was excitedly 'introducing' it to my husband when he exclaimed "That's my lullaby!" The famous "horsey music box" from his infancy is now a prized possession of Leyna's and she sings her version of "Daddy's Lullaby" to anyone who needs comforting. 5. Mariä Wiegenlied Op 76 No 52. Max Reger © 1912 Words by Martin Boelitz One of my favorite songs at Christmastime, because it is simple in it's beauty yet evokes the mystery and complexity of the Christmas miracle (and the miracle of any birth!) 6. A Slumber Song of the Madonna. Samuel Barber © 1994. Text by Alfred Noyes. A treasure of an art song, shared with me by Deb, the wonderful pianist on this album. When rehearsing, I could never sing it through without weeping (just as the song says!) 7. Baby Mine from Walt Disney's "Dumbo" Frank Churchill © 1941, text by Ned Washington. From the time I was a little girl, I hoped one day to sing this to my own child. This one I claim as "my lullaby." 8. Bei der Wiege Op. 47 No. 6 Felix Mendelssohn, words by C. Klingemann How to help an impatient child find rest? Listen to this lullaby, and learn that all good things will come, if we wait just a little bit longer. Until then, sleep! 9. Wiegenlied Johannes Brahms The gold standard: no lullaby collection would be complete without it! 10. Crépuscule Jules Massenet, words by Armand Silvestre. Perhaps more a love song than a lullaby, but I guessed (correctly) that my future child might be enchanted by the sleeping "coccinelles" (ladybugs). 11. Evening Prayer from "Hansel and Gretel" Opera in Three Acts, music by Engelbert Humperdinck, libretto by Adelheide Wett, English text by Constance Bache. This is a prayer the famous siblings share to soothe themselves to sleep when lost in the woods over night. I love this piece for the strength and comfort they find in one another (as I pray that for my own children), as well as in all the many angels watching over them. This is for my mother and all our angels. 12. L'Heure exquise Reynaldo Hahn, words by Paul Verlaine Perhaps my favorite song to sing. When pregnant and finalizing this program I imagined how exquisite the hour would be when I first gazed upon my newborn's face. It was exquisite, truly, beyond my imagining, and from that moment I knew the very deepest love one can have - that of a mother for her child. 13. Morgen! Op. 27 No. 4. Ricard Strauss, 1894, poem by John Henry Mackay Although this isn't really a lullaby, to me it evokes that silent, happy place between awake and dreaming. The way the poem sneaks into the musical moment... It is about breathing and being, loving and hoping, and it brims with the same sweet fulfillment a mother has watching her child sleep peacefully. 14. New Born. Norman Dello Joio © 1948, Words by Lenore G. Marshall from NO BOUNDARY This is, to me, the sleepy exhalation of a mother who has been holding her breath that her child would fall asleep. He does, and they both can rest. This gem of a piece was also introduced to me by Deb, and I am forever grateful - it became one of my favorites. 15. Not While I'm Around from "Sweeney Todd". Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, as previously arranged for and recorded by Barbra Streisand. This is one of my favorite pieces, by one of my favorite composers. I have long intended to sing this to my child, and now I am honored to sing it to yours as well!


Title: Lullabies for Leyna
Release Date: 23/06/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261272696
Item #: SRD127269
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