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  • Release Date 01/07/2024
  • Brand: Abysse
  • UPC: 3665361105381
  • Available Date: 01/07/2024
  • Model Number: ABYFIG095
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Cowabunga! The 4 half-shell heroes and New York's most fearsome fighting team are making their great comeback through the SFC series from ABYstyle Studio! Although each turtle was designed to be collected individually, the figurine will reveal its true magnificence once the four brothers are displayed together, forming a dynamic scene that pays tribute to the original animation of the 80’s and 90’s.

This diorama will reenergize both the nostalgic and the most demanding fans thanks to the meticulous care that has been given to the design of the characters, armed and in action mode on the roofs of New York City, ready to defend the city from the Shredder's misdeeds.

Raphael, the muscle of the group. Known for his hot-headed and reckless temperament, he is regularly in opposition with the decisions of his brothers, especially Leo. Despite his apparent aggressiveness, Raphael has an unfailing love for his brothers and Splinter and will not hesitate to risk everything to save them! His favorite weapons are the saïs that he has mastered to perfection.

  • PVC figurine from the SFC range
  • Height: 21cm
  • Scale: 1:10