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Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation

  • By Wayne Simpson
  • Release 29/12/2009
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.37

Product Notes

'Standing Ovation' is a selection of strong groove-oriented songs, as well as ballads and moderate tempo songs that send a message to anyone who listens, about friends,family and other personal issues.. Starting from the song 'You're Killing It' which refutes the perception that R&B music is dying and gives props to the old school artists who paved the way for all of the new school artists. It states that all music, whether rap or classic R&B can co-exist because all R&B listeners are not one dimensional. The old styles and new styles evolve into even newer styles. If you deny that, R&B is not dying, you're killing it. The other songs were written at different times in my life, ranging from my getting engaged (Some Day Soon), then getting married (Together, Forever, At last) ... up to having children and watching them grow up 'Proud that You're My Child'. After the requests from many who have heard the songs, they have very quickly becoming very popular new wedding songs; one, as a parent / child dance and another as a couple's first dance. When my Kids were 6 and 9 years old, I wrote a song for them to sing for their mother, on Mother's Day. The tears in my wife's eyes and the pride that my kids showed, after singing it, was something that I'll never forget. I put it on the CD, exactly the way it was, with no huge productions or corrections, just to retain the innocence of that moment. These are just a few examples of the deep messages in my music. I know that there are people out there who have similar stories and can't quite put them into words. My hopes are that after hearing these songs, a child will say thank you Mommy, a husband... instead of 'where's my dinner?' will say 'thanks for making our house a home' or'it's ok that you've gained a couple of've had my children'. As artists, maybe we will thank the Gladys's,Patties, Luthers, Stevies, Arethas and so on, who have made it possible for us to do what we do,The way we like to do it. Maybe a young group of kids will become the next EWF. But.... to do that, they must remember that, even if they rap, someone's still got to play the music. Why not be able to do both??? My closing song is simply saying that no matter how far you travel from your church or home, in search of your dreams..It's always good to come Home Again. Enjoy 'Standing Ovation' Wayne.


Artist: Wayne Simpson
Title: Standing Ovation
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 29/12/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502241860
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