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Banger for Breakfast

Banger for Breakfast

  • By Wicked Tinkers
  • Release 17/03/2004
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £13.14

Product Notes

After ten years together and sales of over 45,000 CDs, WICKED TINKERS continues to amaze their fans across the country belting out raucous traditional Celtic tunes in their own unique and witty style. They've been blending the emotion and power of the Great Highland Bagpipe with the pounding of raw tribal rhythms for over a decade and have recently added the haunting sound of the Bronze-Age Irish Horn - a sound lost for thousands of years. They play the music of the Scottish Highlands, spicing it with the Celtic tunes of Ireland and the many lands graced by the Gaels. WICKED TINKERS perform the kind of music you might have heard hundreds of years ago at a Scottish wedding, ceilidh, or around the campfire of a Highland raiding party. Award-winning bagpiper Aaron Shaw, well-known in the world of piping, has been playing for over 27 years. His playing elicits emotional ranges from sorrow, joy, and exuberance, to the passion of battle. Banging the Tapan, a big goat-headed bass drum, for 30 years, Warren Casey adds a deep pounding dimension to Aaron's pipes while moving as if he is carrying a feather. Besides the Tapan, Warren also dazzles the audience with the fast-paced beat of the traditional Irish rim drum called the Bodhran. Keith Jones has been playing drums since he can remember. Exceptionally talented with any drum you can imagine, Keith rounds out the percussion with a driving rhythm and energy, playing snares, djembe and odd bits of the stage and audience. To add to the uniqueness of WICKED TINKERS, Wayne Belger is one of the very few musicians in the country and indeed the world to play the Bronze-Age Irish Horn. It's unusual haunting sound and that of various Didgeridoos and more Bodhrans makes WICKED TINKERS a performance both unique and outrageous. WICKED TINKERS sound is the distillation of the passion of a people and their music. Like a fine, smoky Scotch whisky, it's a little challenging but unmistakably the real thing. 'The Wicked Tinkers are crazy in the way that only very, very good performers can be, with a nuttiness that is enticing rather than intimidating. Consummate performers, they work together like the proverbial well-oiled machine, albeit one oiled with mutton grease and lubricated with plenty of ale.' - Maria Nutick, Book Review Editor


Artist: Wicked Tinkers
Title: Banger for Breakfast
Genre: International
Release Date: 17/03/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 682455010324
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