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Live Like You Know What You're Leaving

Live Like You Know What You're Leaving

  • By Wicker Hollow
  • Release 18/09/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.38

Product Notes

New Jersey isn't just about it's beaches, the seasons, or the fact that New York City and Philladelphia are just around the corner. It's also about music and the thousands of bands that try to make it their lives every day. Jersey has always been known for it's big time artists and the many great venues to see live concerts at, but what shines the most are the up and coming acts. Wicker Hollow is one that just can't be ignored. Chris Leone isn't your average 24 year old who has an ear for music or goes to see his favorite band on weekends. Born and raised in Howell, NJ he has always had something others don't when it comes to writing, producing and performing music. Throughout his short life, Leone has played in numerous bands including well known acts such as The Youth Ahead, MatchMaker and New Direxion. With various Warped Tour appearances as well as main stage performances at The Bamboozle and Skate and Surf festivals, he has accomplished things many artists only dream of. Sharing the stage and touring throughout the years with bands like Goldfinger, Fall Out Boy, Hoobastank, Flogging Molly, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Mest, The Roots, The Used, New Found Glory, The All American Rejects, Relient K, Taking Back Sunday and many more, Leone has become what some might say call an 'underground legend.' His previous bands are also thanked on platinum selling records. Chris has written and recorded 3 full length albums, and 2 EPs with previous bands and has also appeared on Guns N' Roses and Kiss tribute records. Don't forget the slew of CD compilations he is featured on. While most who are in their early twenties are working jobs or finishing up college, Leone has been touring and playing on the road in and out of the USA for more than a decade . After telling stories about waking up in a new place every day he playfully remarks, 'I've seen the country and it all looks like a highway. Some places have palm trees, some places don't.' Scoring recognition from record labels both indie and major is just another addition to this rock and roller's musical journey. For someone who's life has barely even begun, Chris has seen and done much more than most bands in Jersey have. 'With all I've been through, I still kinda still feel like I've only just barely scratched the surface. That's why I started Wicker Hollow.' Leone swears that music will always be his life and in September 2006 his new project Wicker Hollow brought a different meaning to living a dream. Playing and writing everything from drums, to guitars, and bass and singing every single note all by himself, Chris proves in one listen that music is his passion and what he was born to do. 'Wicker Hollow is a big step for me both musically and mentally. I've been in bands and I love everyone I have ever worked with, but it's just awesome to hear yourself like this.' Seeing Leone perform is an experience you won't forget. Whether he's playing Giant's Stadium to over 20,000 people, The House of Blues to a few hundred, or a sold out night at The Starland Ballroom, Chris captures the crowd with every movement, every lyric and every note. 'I love being on stage....I just feel at home up there and kinda just make an ass out of myself. I don't's fun..I love it. Having so many people scream back to you all those words you spent time writing in your room is something I'll never be able to put into words. It's incredible.' Now with an All-Star line up featuring Jesse Manna on Drums, Chris Derner on Guitar, Chris Sparta on Bass, Steve Chernish on Keys and Shawn McGovern on Guitar, Chris Leone and Wicker Hollow have a bright and active future ahead of them. Their debut release titled 'Live Like You Know What You're Leaving' hit on September 1st 2007 and is only the beginning for these 6 rock and rollers from the Jersey shore.


Artist: Wicker Hollow
Title: Live Like You Know What You're Leaving
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 18/09/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101398442
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