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Everything Is Gold

Everything Is Gold

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Price: £11.37

Product Notes

New review posted for WIDOWS&ORPHANS Everything Is Gold from Uprise Zine: 'Taking influences from a variety of music has been an effective strategy for this original band. At The Drive In, Mewithoutyou, Mars Volta, Every Time I Day: all of these bands have some similar elements that can be picked up from listening to Widows & Orphans. The Texas act released their first album under Doll House Records and quickly afterwards inked a deal with Blood & Ink Records who will release their next composition. 'Everything Is Gold' makes a statement in the somewhat-stale heavy music Christian market. The full length album kicks off with a great start and carrys the same excitement throughout the whole disc. The songs are very original, some are more catchy than others, but the CD as a whole is fine. The recording quality is pretty decent as well. This is a pretty good debut for Widows & Orphans and should be checked out by anyone who wants something completely new and different with a genre inbetween rock & hardcore.' -Dave Darr New review posted for WIDOWS&ORPHANS Everything Is Gold from Buzzgrinder: 'This hardworking band of Texan bearded ones releases a batch of songs that are one-half newly recorded and one-half material from past releases. You might think that this makes for a jumbled listen, but the production values remain strikingly consistent throughout, and since the band tends to be all over the map stylistically, cohesion in this regard isn't really an issue. While the argument can be made against accessibility due to their erratic experimentation, widows&orphan's appeal lies in their raw sound and subtle stylistic quirks: loose vocals that are somehow sung and spoken at the same time (I don't know how else to explain that, really), deliberately rambling guitar voicings, and a jittery drum and bass department. Also, I know of no other indie band that opens their CD with a title track of acappella, three-part, quasi-contrapuntal harmonies...' -Jay DiNetto New review posted for Everything Is Gold from 'Watch as your jaw drops when the introduction track with it's multitude of vocal harmonies cascade upon you. It's stirring and unsettling awesome. As their debut full-length (the group already has three EPs and several tours notched on their belts), Widows & Orphans could do a hell of a lot worse. In fact, I dare say that they did absolutely nothing wrong with this album. Fantastic pop hooks are laid neatly alongside manic post-hardcore crushers and post-punk noise anthems. I really like the double-up vocals-hell I really just like this album in general. GET IT.' -J-Sin Band Bio: Michael Foulk - vocals Scott Dunbar - guitar Colin Hobbs - guitar Boi Miller - keyboard Anthony Kroeker - bass Eric Flores - drums How many bands have you seen in your lifetime that have made a lasting impression on you, one that you hold up to all others as the benchmark for how a band should play? Melding technical precision with an intense live performance, WIDOWS&ORPHANS does this nightly. Fans all across the country have been coming to this conclusion after witnessing this bands unique blend of math pop that has the fire of hardcore and the sincerity of indie rock. Their sound evolved into a complex form of guitars intertwining and harmonizing with sporadic bass lines and calculated drums that framed frantic vocal melodies. WIDOWS&ORPHANS cites their wide range of influences to include The Mars Volta, Dillinger Escape Plan, twothirtyeight, Cursive, mewithouYou and At The Drive In. Formed in Austin, Texas in 2002, WIDOWS&ORPHANS has steadily honed their musical style and proved themselves over and over again to a constantly growing fan base that is craving originality. Dedicated to their art, they have toured multiple times during their three year existence and recorded five times. WIDOWS&ORPHANS expands their sound each time they record, as with The Lonely Year (2002), Three Steps to Failure (2003), The Serial Killings of 1885 (2004), Such as Cancer is this Life (2004) and the Split with Blueprint Car Crash (Listed as The Kirby) (2005). Having secured their place in the local Austin music scene, WIDOWS&ORPHANS has also taken on the rest of the United States, Playing an endless array of shows from coast to coast. Touring endlessly with acts such as Horse The Band, Showbread, Please Mr. Gravedigger, Society's Finest, Thumbscrew and playing alongside Daughters, The Blood Brothers, Recover, Knockout Kings, Vendetta Red and many more, WIDOWS&ORPHANS has relentlessly ingrained their name throughout the nation.


Artist: Widows & Orphans
Title: Everything Is Gold
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 03/04/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 733792729926
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