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Awakening to God

Awakening to God

  • By Will Clipson
  • Release 25/09/2007
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.03

Product Notes

The Awakening to God CD describes a gentle spiritual path on which we are drawn by loving Spirit towards our highest good, rather than being driven by outside forces. Based on The Book of Uncommon Prayer, the material is designed to be read and spoken. Listeners have reported feeling a powerful internal shift into the very presence of God. Each track is designed to stand alone as an aide to personal prayer and meditation. Together they form a blueprint for spiritual awakening and living a joy filled life. The CD Awakening to God teaches the listener how to recognize the action of God in their own lives and how to cooperate with it. The rewards are compassion, forgiveness, healing and the unleashing of miracles in the life of the listener. Using a mixture of deeply moving poetry and concise explanation, the CD reinforces the fact that we are connected to God with a bond that can never be sundered. It helps the listener find the silence within and be guided by the still, small voice of Spirit. The book and CD are intentionally tradition neutral, emphasizing a loving, ever present creator, rather than any particular theology. Spirit is always ready to intervene directly in your life to heal your body, emotions, mind, relationships and perceptions. You need only ask and accept. God knows exactly what you need for your spiritual development. Complete healing and freedom awaits you. When you accept the first healing, another appears, then another and then another. In that process of asking, surrender and receiving, relationship with God is born. Will Clipson, Author of the Book of Uncommon Prayer and Awakening to God teaches the nearness of God, God's profound love for each person and the power of God. Through practice and faith we can create a field of spiritual receptivity. Spirit flows from this field into our lives, activating creative and healing energies that produce miracles. In this process we awaken to our relationship with God. We come to know that God is always with us, that we are never alone and are always protected.


Artist: Will Clipson
Title: Awakening to God
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 25/09/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101396615
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