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Land Tough Imaginary Punches

Land Tough Imaginary Punches

  • By Will Fell
  • Release 16/11/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £17.19

Product Notes

This is the story of Skylines, backdrops, and how songs measure up against them. For Will Fell growing up in the shadow of Motor City Detroit, on the Canadian side of the border, functioned as a primary influence. 'That was always a useful tool when writing songs. I'd get a recording of it, it didn't matter how bad the quality, even if it was just a cheap tape player getting my voice and the guitar down, then I'd throw it on in the car or on some headphones and head down to Riverside Drive...if the song matched the setting then I knew I was on the right track.' There were other backdrops to test and inspire the songs, for a time while living in Sarnia, it was the great open view of Lake Huron. The wide watery space continues to prove useful when Will Fell visits his parents who still call Sarnia home. Three years in Toronto and a year in Vancouver, with their equally distinct personalities, also lent a supporting role. Fell has since traded those settings for the Montreal skyline and the romance of it's narrow winding streets. I love the contrasts...the old and new, the difference of the city by day and by night, and even how to this day it is still so divided between east and west, although not nearly to the same degree that it once is like no other city I've been to in Canada, although growing up in border towns does draw comparisons. It is from here that he started working on the next chapter. Armed with his guitar and an eight track recorder Fell tested melodies and his diverse vocal range from the white washed walls of his east plateau apartment. Now with inspiration flowing and songs well underway, Fell's next task would be to assemble a band capable of bringing his creative vision to life. Finding the right group of musicians for the project proved itself a challenge, one that took a fortunate turn when Fell had an unexpected meeting with a friend from back home. Richard White was a natural choice. Already a friend and an extremely creative pop/rock guitarist, White had spent the last few years applying his craft to jazz. The rest of the band was not to come together so easily. The songs needed something different than what the typical 'rock rythm sections' were offering and after a few unsuccesful attempts White suggested an option. Through his jazz experience he had the opportunity to play with people who had a different approach and perspective. Soon after the line-up was complete, with Adrian Vedady on bass and Robbie Kuster on drums. Both veteran jazz musicians (contrary to what thier ages would suggest) were excited to translate their talents to 'pop/rock'. It was exactly what the quirky, yet direct and purposeful songs needed. After some shows to tighten the sound, some headlining and some opening spots for the likes of Matt Mays + El Torpedo and The Joel Plaskett Emergency, it was time to head to the studio. With White taking on production responsibilities, the group recorded 'Land Tough Imaginary Punches,' Fell's debut album. Eleven tracks of solem and dark, yet effortlessly catchy songs found life. Comparisons have been drawn to The Smiths, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead and even ther likes of Edith Piaf and Nina Simone. The music is pop/rock and folk influences coming together with a dash of jazz and an obvious tip of the hat to British Invasions. '...Fell as a great voice and a natural efficiancy...a rare quality. His playing style compliments his languid lyrical delivery nicely for a sound that amounts to more than the sum of it's parts...' Hour Magazine. '...this man has a voice that leaves audiences speechless. Fans of The Verve and Jeff Buckley, take note.' Real Detroit Weekly.


Artist: Will Fell
Title: Land Tough Imaginary Punches
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 16/11/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 775020592520
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