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Perfect World

Perfect World

  • By Will Hale
  • Release 29/06/2004
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.37

Product Notes

Also check out Will Hale's I Love Everything CD!!! How many times have you searched on CD Baby when someone says "we sound like some other artist" and they don't sound anything like that artist? Well if you wonder why Will Hale a kids musician has Eric Clapton listed as a related artist, listen to track # 8 Have You Ever Felt Like Crying and hear for yourself if it is really a rocking blues tune. Will Hale has grabbed the attention of kids for over fourteen years through his captivating music performances which offer an exciting friendly mix of festive drums, an extraordinary blend of guitar, dancing, singing and sizzling air guitar jamming. His first Tadpole Parade recording 'I Love Everything' features an inspiring diversity of musical styles. Will continues with themes of cooperation & positive self image, blending seamlessly into the fun interactive music on his latest CD 'Perfect World'. Will Hale's unique mix of songs gently invite participants to confidently experience a dynamic range of emotions. His performances and recordings are filled with plenty of surprises certain to bring out the kid in everyone. Proving you're never too old to feel young! Perfect World is and ENHANCED CD! Which contains many fun bonus features yo u can access with your computer, including coloring art, rare early recordings and lyrics in the songwriting scrapbook, detailed credits, Studio photos, sheet music, guitar tab, and a very irritating 'zero track'. Here are the song comments from the Perfect World CD. For complete lyrics and credits visit the Will Hale & The Tadpole Parade web site. Take Another Step In life there are many paths and only one destination... Love. I wrote this song for the First Annual Father's Day Concert to express my gratitude for the trail my father blazed, allowing me to follow in his footsteps. Meet Me At The Library Another fun acoustic version of the popular song originally released on Will Hale's CD, I Love Everything. Wise Owl Sometimes the most important part of music is what you don't play and how well you listen. Garden Song Words and music by Dave Mallett The seeds of our heart's desires often grow slowly. When we grow a little each day, we don't always notice how much we have changed. Ode To Joy This beautiful classic melody was written in 1823 by Ludwig Van Beethoven as part of his Symphony no. 9. (Will Hale played his Yamaha classical guitar.) Acorn Song It's easy to be optimistic when I can see so much potential in the world. Perfect World I have found, to be a perfect human I need to be willing to make a few mistakes and accept myself knowing my intentions are always for good. Have You Ever Felt Like Crying Inspired by my nephew Zack when he was five and running around the living room. He accidentally Slammed! Face first into the wall. He tried to be brave but like the song says 'when it hurts you know it hurts'. Luckily tears can also spring from overwhelming joy! Hammer Ring Work songs have a good steady beat. Like the rhythm of our heartbeat, they can bring comfort to our lives and make our work a little easier. I Am Free, I Am Unlimited Words and music by Janet Bowser Manning This song is a Unity hymn that captures the spirit of a speech Martin Luther King gave using three small words to express his message 'All Here Now.' Spanish Flang Dang Ditty Elizabeth Cotton's guitar playing style continually inspires me. In the spirit of traditional music I added a few bits to her arrangement. (Will played his Yamaha classical guitar in an open G tuning.) Peace Greeting Dance Beethoven melody from Pastoral Symphony, Words traditional The Peace Greeting Dance is translated into many different languages for the Dances of Universal Peace. Please feel free to contact Tadpole Parade if you know additional languages to add. Snowfall Quite possibly the first song I wrote. It was a lovely winter evening and big fluffy snow flakes were falling gracefully outside my window. This song sounds a lot like it looked. May The Road Traditional Irish words, music by Nickomo From the beginning of time, movement, song and story have brought people together. The Peace Greeting Dance and May The Road are from The Dances of Universal Peace which are part of this timeless tradition.


Artist: Will Hale
Title: Perfect World
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 29/06/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 789577087620
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