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Pickin' Up the Pieces

Pickin' Up the Pieces

  • By Will Hass
  • Release 19/08/2003
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £8.80

Product Notes

Will Hass - An Americana Alternative Singer/Songwriter Will Hass records the images and emotional ups and downs of American life in songs. Listen to these songs and learn about this type of music, drawn from our American folk roots and steeped in the country's heartland. 'If you're a fan of Gordon Lightfoot, Lucinda Williams, or Jackson Browne's music, you'll be into this...' Pickin' Up The Pieces is the legacy album produced by the songwriter. It stands as his personal interpretation of this original creative work. A number of the songs, including 'Heart Of Mine', 'Pickin' Up The Pieces', 'Stargazer' and 'Caroline' had been previously recorded by Will and other artists using third party producers and musicians but this compilation is most faithful to the original vision. The themes touch diverse emotions spanning many of the life experiences we all share in common. These pieces are presented as stories, communicated intimately, as if we were talking with a close friend. Biography Will Hass writes and sings from the heart. His music is honest and accessible with a style that blends country, folk and rock influences. The result is Americana, drawn from our American folk roots and steeped in the country's heartland. Will has always been interested in country and folk music. He was influenced early by the 'Hootenany' period of the 1960's and the roots country music of the 'Wheeling Jamboree'. The synthesis of country instrumentation, and thoughtful folk type lyrics adapted by rock acts such as 'The Byrds', 'Eagles', and Jackson Browne, inspired Will to break with formulaic traditions and his writing reflects this openness while retaining the spirit of it's American roots. Will began playing music professionally in the country music bars around his native Pennsylvania. With his band 'Heartland', he made a name for himself as a vocalist although the work was primarily performing cover tunes in the 'Willie and Waylon' vein. Eventually, Will moved to Nashville to pursue the dream of 'making it big'. He was successful in recording some of his original material with producer Pete Drake but the country music mainstream felt that his music 'fell through the cracks'. No one could figure out what to do with it. Failing to land a deal with a major record label, Will returned to his home in Pennsylvania. But refusing to tamper with the 'from the heart' honesty of his songwriting, Will continued to create his own brand of American music. He built a songwriting recording studio in his home and began producing recordings of his work that were faithful to his original vision. Free of the constraints imposed on commercial music these songs took on a life of their own and became an extension of the writer's creative spirit. Will is currently back in the studio, hard at work on his second album, Heartland. The Heartland project is a suite exploring Robert Frost's theme from 'The Road Not Taken'. Here we follow a young musician from middle America as he faces the choices and temptations of coming of age in the heartland. Meanwhile, the opportunities provided to independent record producers via the internet and a resurgence of interest in material that does not fit neatly into any category has encouraged Will to support the Pickin' Up The Pieces CD and begin performing again.


Artist: Will Hass
Title: Pickin' Up the Pieces
Genre: Country
Release Date: 19/08/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 628740670927
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