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Take One!

Take One!

  • By Winds & Skins
  • Release 15/05/2001
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £15.19

Product Notes

Take One! Marks the debut of both a musical group, and a record label. The group: WINDS AND SKINS, is co-led by bassist Horacio Calvo and multi reedist Don Slatoff. The label: Nue Note Records, presents new artists with something new to say - musicians who do not abandon the groundwork laid down by the great masters, rather, those who exploit traditional boundaries from the inside out. Take One! Is studio-language for the first attempt to record a song at a recording session. And some of these tracks are just that. But here the words, 'take one' also represent the first outing of a new combination of strong players. Of course, any new combination of musicians will yield a different sound, but it won't always surprise us. WINDS AND SKINS surprises us with every track. Calvo and Slatoff tell us they formed this unconventional group to perform original music, as well as rarely heard but exceptional compositions by past and present jazz masters of many different genres. You can hear the history of jazz in their playing, from New Orleans brass bands, to bebop, cubop, Duke, Mingus, on to the avant-garde. But this is no repertory company - these guys have their own thing going. And part of that 'thing' comes from WINDS AND SKINS' unique instrumentation. A more typical jazz quintet would have a piano, or perhaps a guitar, and unless they were specifically a Latin jazz group, congas would not be included. WINDS AND SKINS' combination of instruments allows both a greater than usual harmonic freedom for the soloists, and the richness of each instrument's sound it's full expression. But this also means that each instrument is more exposed. Furthermore, harmonic freedom entails greater risk, and requires more melodic and textural inventiveness to keep the music interesting and alive. The WINDS: Stafford Hunter III on trombone, and Don Slatoff (known as 'Fat Daddy') on tenor sax and bass clarinet. This frontline explodes with boisterous rapport. The swarthy textures of Slatoff's tenor and Hunter's swaggering, unbridled trombone compliment each other to portray a deep colorful range of emotions (note their rendition of Hank Mobley's 'High Modes,' displaying the regal elegance of Slatoff's bass clarinet matched with Hunter's suave Harmon-muted trombone: it's like wrapping your mind in warm royal silk). And sometimes they will make you laugh. Hard. But mostly they will excite you. It's the best of both worlds with Slatoff and Hunter, 'new school' and 'old school'. They've clearly listened hard to the masters, and absorbed the message of creativity and individuality rather than getting stuck imitating their heroes; Hunter and Slatoff each have such personal sounds that just a couple of notes let's you know who's playing. The SKINS: Richard Livingston Huntley on traps, and Mike Jacobsen on congas and percussion. Although some of the tracks incorporate a strong Latin or Afro Cuban influence, the congas are not present just to endow these compositions with the flavor of authenticity. Jacobsen skillfully and soulfully weaves the beauty and power of these oldest of instruments throughout Take One! And, as if by magic, he produces harmonic overtones filling the aural spaces generally reserved for piano or guitar in a more traditional setting. They call Huntley the Groovemeister! He swings hard, drawing upon a huge storehouse of rhythms from his diverse musical background: Kletzmer and other folk musics, as well as avant-garde and straight-ahead jazz. What can we say? These guys cook! Speaking of cooking, in Brazil, the rhythm section is known as the cozinha, which means kitchen. Bassist Horacio Calvo is definitely the head chef in this kitchen! In addition to composing many of the original recipes, he adds the grease to Huntley's and Jacobsen's fire. Then he turns up the heat. Calvo is the catalyst to the explosive new sound of WINDS AND SKINS, taking on the roles of rhythmic co-conspirator, harmonic mason and composer. In addition to original music, Take One! Includes little known, but extraordinary, compositions by Bobby Timmons, Hank Mobley, and Yusef Lateef; also, a hard hitting arrangement of Sonny Rollins's 'Airegin', and a Sicilian folk melody called 'Sandro's Tune' (submitted by drummer Huntley). Timmons's 'So Tired' (transcribed by Slatoff from a Mosaic compilation), is an upbeat swinger culled from a 60's recording by Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. In contrast to it's title, it dances! From the same abundant source comes tenor player Hank Mobley's sensuously evocative 'High Modes'. Lateef's 'P Bouk' is a pithy blues from his Prestige album, Into Something. A counter-melody by Slatoff provides a new, muscular perspective to 'Airegin'. Originally intended as an interlude, it took on a life of it's own, and the group plays it again at the end of the track, replacing the original melody. 'Sandro's Tune', in 6/8, is a deceptively simple vehicle for the SKINS to stretch out; every one gets a chance on this extended gallimaufry, but the drums and congas are dazzling. Calvo's 'Blue Canon', a three part suite, 'Nevele', an eleven bar blues, and 'Papa Zinc', a Caribbean flavored bebopish theme that swings in the B-section, are 'original' tunes in the best sense of the word. They show obvious respect and love for tradition (especially, perhaps, Monk and Mingus), but these melodies are genuinely fresh and provocative. We at Nue Note Records hope you enjoy WINDS AND SKINS' debut recording, Take One!, and that you will be as excited to listen to them as we are proud to present them! It is their first record, and it is our first record. VIVA LA PRIMA VOLTA! -Nue Note Staff.


Artist: Winds & Skins
Title: Take One!
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 15/05/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 660662043120
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