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Drums Along the Wasatch

Drums Along the Wasatch

  • By Windwood
  • Release 25/01/2005
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £10.50

Product Notes

"Drums Along The Wasatch" is the direct result of growth and evolution. After I completed my first two CDs, "Just Playin' With Myself" and "Range of Motion," I received a pair of congas as a gift. These congas served to stimulate new lines of creativity. Combining my congas with the djembe I had received the year before and with my improved skills at playing, recording and mixing, I was able to create a lot of new music over a relatively short time. The result was my first draft of "Drums Along The Wasatch." I discovered that some of the pieces I had included really were not quite up to snuff, so I trimmed them off the CD and added in some new pieces I had recorded. This CD then became "Drums Along The Wasatch - Canyons Of The Mind Edition," and it is available here at CDBaby. "Drums Along The Wasatch" has a more consistent and polished sound than it's predecessors. It has many strong drum and rhythm tracks and, although it doesn't have as many flute pieces as my earlier CDs, a couple of the recorder pieces are some of the best I have done. It also includes more explorations into vocals and singing, including a popular and rather effective chant called "The Song of the Greenwitch" and a favorite campfire piece called "Circle of Stone." Sometimes I get a little playful when I am recording and try out new things. "A Taste of Steel" and "New Pipe Groove" were both spontaneous musical explorations with instruments I had not recorded before (the steel drum and the pan pipes, respectively). I am glad I included them since "A Taste of Steel" is currently my number one downloaded song in digital distribution. Another lesson that I brought to this CD is that sometimes simpler is better. This lesson is expressed in pieces like "Probing the Edge," "Tan My Hide" and "On A Roll" where I layered fewer instruments, but the rhythms provided a complexity all their own. All of the instruments used are acoustic. I have no synthesizer or electric keyboard. I also recorded all the rhythms directly. I did not loop any elements or use sampled sounds. It was all recorded as is except for a little reverb thrown in for atmosphere. The instrumentation on this CD includes: congas, djembe, doumbek, my 'big drum,' Moroccan clay drums, bongos, Kid's Konga, African slit drum, talking drum, steel drum, gong, rain stick, shaker egg, Catspaw, sticks, soprano recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, pan pipes, voice and vocalizations. If you have ever danced to the drums around a campfire or meditated to the pulse of a drum, then I think you will enjoy my music. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. Peace, Windwood A little bio: Windwood lives, works and plays in the great state of Utah. He is a lover of music and rhythms. Windwood is now an initiate on the Bardic Path and continues to explore just what that means... He loves good food, good family, good friends and good times, and he loves to drum and sing around a campfire.


Artist: Windwood
Title: Drums Along the Wasatch
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 25/01/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479203336