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Fire in the Hole

Fire in the Hole

  • By Wine Spirit
  • Release 05/02/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.34

Product Notes

Fire in the Hole - Reviews 'With the latest CD called "fire in the Hole" they give us the Hardrock-Total-Package. First I thought we have here another Sleaze´n Glam-Act, but Wine Spirit is more into the traditional Hard rock-Sound. But they are real heavy sometimes, like the opener "Catch 22". Here you can hear that the 3 guys have awesome skills on their instruments, have a look at the bass-player, fantastic. Wine Spirit is in the vain of some Racer X, Yngwie Malmsteen back on "Odyssey" or the god old Gary Moore-Record from the 80ties. Real Groove and hot riffs is what you will find here. A well done mix of influences with a powerful singer, yeah this guy has balls. But wait, Wine Spirit has two singers. El Guapo and Il conte share the Lead vocals. This is way cool one of them sings the melodic stuff like "Leap in the Dark" (murderess Organ in this song) and the other is for the heavy stuff. Listen to "Hide&Kill" and you will go nuts. Yeah, the beloved tradition of the 80ties that we all whorship is alive in this CD. Bite me, but sometimes Wine Spirit reminds me on Judas Priest in their glorious Mid-80ties. ' SLAZE METAL - Jorg 7.5 Punkte 'I like this album from beginning till the end, all the songs are entertaining and variated with lots of different styles. You will also take notice of the instrumentation from the guys, that I thought hold very high quality. Check out Wine Spirit now!!' Melodic Hard Rock Today 'This guys are pure heavy rock with some pure heavy metal influences. Reminding me at times of Glenn Hughes, sometimes to Black Sabbath, sometimes to Rainbow, this guys have achieved a good result here with their powerful music. With a versatile singer/guitarist and powerful backing vocals this guys give a lot of importance to the vocal aspect creating beautiful harmonies that have power and an epic feeling in them. The version of Whitesnake´s 'Sailing Ships' adds beauty to the album in a faithful version (closer to the one in 'Starkers in Tokyo' except for the ending that is closer to the 'Slip of the Tongue' version, even with the Steve Vai solo). But my absolute favorite track is the amazing 'Leap in the Dark' with an excellent riff and great keyboards doing the background. The good mix of this album adds more power to these songs giving the exact feeling that they must have. Lovers of good rocking and powerful music, here you have Wine Spirit.' Music Extreme 'It's not just Metal all the time, because there are also Hard Rock'n'Roll songs on the album. Clear to me that the best songs are "A new mankind", "I've got no time", "Spiagames" and "Sailing ships" ...a nice recommended Melodic Metalalbum from Italy, with a big production in a quality package.' Strutter Magazine: 8 out of 10 'I like this album mostly because it is charming to hear a band play old school heavy metal with no compromises. It is like kick starting a motorcycle and away at full speed! To all of you loving the late 70's and early 80's this is a must. Listen to the great song -Burnout-, wow I really dig this one. The flirt with Motörhead on -Regular boogie woogie- is not bad either. You can find many influences on this album, an album making me happy listening to....' LEVEL 11: Rating: 8 'YEAH! Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about! 'Fire In The Hole' is the sophomore outing this Italian Hard Rock wrecking crew, and these boys mean business! Wine Spirit is Il Conte [guitars/lead vocals], El Guapo [bass/vocals] and Nail [drums/vocals]. Yep, just three guys making all this beautiful noise! The music is a bit of a throwback to the good ol' days, to the late Seventies/early Eighties. Think Motorhead, Rainbow, Deep Purple, UFO. The days before MTV ruined everything by turning Rock/Metal into a trend-ridden musical equivalent of a MacDonald's Happy Meal! The 12 tracks here are honest and straight from the gut, no apologies, the arrangements clever and well thought out. The musicianship is of the highest calibre. I can't think of a single tune here that DOESN'T blow me away, but if pressed I could point to 'A New Mankind', 'Hide & Kill', the beautiful 'Midnight Touch (instrumental)', and my personal fave, the majestic 'Sailing Ships'. And damn if this album isn't just plain FUN to listen to! Remember fun? That's what Hard Rock USED to be, and still is, thanks to bands' like Wine Spirit! A band with a sound and style all their own!One of my top 10 albums of 2004, and it's gonna be one of YOURS too, trust me! Highest recommendation possible! ' West Side Dave 'For sure a very good album for the fans of this kind of music. The band has work a lot in this album and you can understand it while you hear their songs and last but not least, I must say that their label did an excellent work in the booklet because it is a huge (!!!) twenty pages booklet. Check them out..' THE TEMPLE OF METAL - Antonis Maglaras 'The whole outcome is interesting because out bears an "old-fashioned" scent that works really well. I also have to mention that at some point the band doesn't hesitate to bring in some harder-metal elements (listen for example to "Hide And Kill"), that give a variety to the album, help it "breath" and modernise it a lot. We might hear more from this group in the future.' GRANDE ROCK - A.S. - 7/10 'alles in allem ist "Fire In The Hole" aber ein sehr edler Sound-Tropfen, der mir eine felsenfeste 11 wert ist. Junger Wein in alten Schläuchen sozusagen, aber durchaus wohlschmeckend und betörend.' BRIGHT EYES Bernd Joachim - 11 von 13 Augen 'Con questo nuovo disco i Wine Spirit hanno optato per un evidente indurimento del proprio sound, che se da un lato non dimentica di certo le proprie radici hard/blues, dall'altro preme decisamente il piede sull'acceleratore: complice anche una produzione decisamente più ruvida, 'Fire in the Hole' è quasi sempre giocato su tempi sostenuti e riff serrati, bilanciati però da piacevolissimi rallentamenti e solismi dal sapore vagamente fusion ed addolciti dalle melodie sempre in primo piano.' HEAVY METAL Fabio Marazzi - 7/10 'The thing that has kept Wine Spirit alive and well after almost nine years is their persistence to keep their momentum going and never give up. With 'Fire In the Hole' this Italian power rock trio manages to bring their riffs and ear-piercing vocals into the new century while still keeping to their roots. The lyrics are in keeping with what one expects from a HR/HM band.' CONCRETE WEB Cosmicmasseur - 75/100 'Che dire dei Wine Spirit? Sicuramente che ogni loro CD, concerto, produzione e quant'altro e' una certezza ed una gioia per le orecchie di ogni hard rocker incallito...' SLAMROCKS - Paolo Pirola 'A distanza di tre anni dal precedente 'Bombs Away' Tornano i nostrani Wine Spirit con questo nuovo 'Fire In The Hole' che segue più o meno le orme del recente predecessore e cioè un hard'n'heavy sanguineo. I dodici brani presenti nel lavoro sono incuranti delle mode...' POWERMETAL Roberto Savi - 7,5/10 'Oggi i nostri proseguono con grande fedeltà a se stessi e al genere proposto nel debut, con un platter bagnato di sudore che non potrà non farvi essere orgogliosi del nostro paese. Tra le ritmiche serrate di Nail (batteria) e El Guapo (basso) si snoda tutta una serie di composizioni energiche e veloci, in cui il rifferama del Conte è sempre in primissimo piano, straripante e prepotente come tradizione vuole...' TRUE METAL Mauro Gelsomini - Voto: 87 'Fire In The Hole, il riuscito ritorno di uno dei più attesi come-back. Ci siamo, i Wine Spirit sono finalmente tornati! Musicalmente parlando ci troviamo di fronte ad un album in classico stile Wine Spirit...' HARDSOUNDS - Zorro11 - Voto: 78 'Sie wissen wirklich gute Songs zu schreiben, die trotz eines gewissen Grades an Biederkeit nie langweilen, weil sie eben spritzig und leichtfüssig sind und gleichzeitig die absolute Hardrockpower ausstrahlen... ' METAL DISTRICT SirLordDoom - Rating: 7,5 'The first thing that strikes you is that their music comes from the heart. There's honesty in their songs, along with excellent arrangements and good musicianship...' TOMB STONE Rating: 7/10 'Il disco in questione è un must assoluto. Per i più giovincelli invece dico di stare attenti potreste essere travolti dallo Spirito Di Vino e rimanere folgorati per sempre uomo avvisato mezzo salvato...' TEMPI DURI Stefano Bonelli 'Il giusto bilanciamento fra l'immediatezza dello street rock, la violenza dell'heavy metal, la ritmica del rock 'n' roll e la melodia dell'hard rock. Fra i pezzi da commentare spicca l'opener "Catch 22", dal refrain orecchiabile e dall'andamento fluido; in 'A New Mankind' si trovano riminiscenze dei grandi Elektradrive, brilla poi la classica HM song 'Hide & Kill'. Altri begli episodi sono la settantiana - con inserti di tastiere - 'Leap In The Dark' e la motorheadiana 'She's a Regular Boogie Woogie' impreziosita da un'azzeccata pausa melodica centrale... ' METAL INSIDE Stefano 'Steven Rich' Ricetti - 7,5/10 'Ottima, come già sottolineato, le capacità strumentali dei Nostri, l'attitudine e la convinzione con la quale vengono proposte le dodici canzoni di "Fire In The Hole". Pezzi figli di un songwriting maturo: appare chiaro che la band sa come si scrivono canzoni a cavallo tra l'hard rock di "Leap In The Dark", la vocazione metal di "Hide&Kill" e il tocco melodico e romantico rappresentato da "Sailing Ships", e sa come farle funzionare al meglio...' HEAVY MUSIC PORTAL Enzo Pignataro - voto: 73.


Artist: Wine Spirit
Title: Fire in the Hole
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 05/02/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 8032589280063
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