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World Rushes in

World Rushes in

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Product Notes

A few short years ago Brock was writing songs inside a makeshift warehouse in Baghdad while deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Air Force. Today, he is a working songwriter living amidst the hardworking sweat-of-land in Lancaster county PA. His journey in the past ten years has taken him from the shallow waters of professional modeling to the epic and purpose packed sands of Iraq. It is from the rich soil of these experiences that he pens the songs he so much wants you to hear. Brock is the oldest of five biological children and was raised in the blue mountains of William Penn's Pennsylvania. His parents opened their doors to countless neglected foster children during his early years, and the diverse ever-changing landscape if his childhood has produced a rich and imaginative lens through which he has been viewing the world ever since. "It's not the lack of wonder or innocence in the world that turns so many people over to pessimism and depression; it's a lack of people willing and able to show it to them. I think I'm uniquely equipped as a person to do that. Music and especially songwriting is the best window I have found to show the world such a beautiful view." ~BROCK It is said that within the lines there is safety, comfort and religion. Yet outside them there is danger, pain and God. I have always preferred outside. These songs are about the miles we wield crossing our hard paths. They are beer-drenched, truck-stop, broken hearted tales often caught between an apology and a complaint. They move in the musk, misery and marvel of this amazing world and try to protect the simple thing and outwit the nonsense. They are decorated with adjective, analogy and crab pinching questions. They are tongue-tied aches for home, meant to help you appreciate the beauty in the mundane and the grand universals in the ordinary. They are about living and breathing, loving and grieving I hope to find that coveted place between the ears of authentic listeners. Within these songs there is a real tension between heart-on the sleeve romanticism and bittersweet pessimism and I hope they stand out as special in a landscape of musical sameness. Weather exploring the nature of everyone's favorite four-letter word or pointing to the one who can fill up the leaky balloon of your heart I tried to be honest about the way things always end and begin with a line. In the end they are little more then daily discoveries from a humble young man trying hard to marry good words and melody. This is me at ball-points best. Enjoy! Songwriter's REVIEW Brock Lawley unlike so many sanitized Christian songwriters refuses to spend his lyrical focus cherry picking home schooled teens from suburban mega-churches. He will likely never be played at some youth group retreat with a name like "fun in the son." Instead he longs to make a genuine artistic statement about the world around him seen through the lens of his personal faith. In what many have called the ghetto of contemporary Christian music Brock's music stands out due largely to his artistic choice to illustrate the thrill of the journey rather then the black and white absolutes of the Christian's desired destination. The songs anchoring his bands new album World Rushes In dare to smile when doing so is artistically out of style. These wide-eyed tales of discovery, devotion and doubt are stitched together with a gauzy aura of mystery and awe. Each song proves to be an artistic expressions faith without getting high and mighty about it.


Artist: World Rushes In
Title: World Rushes in
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 07/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880336003896
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