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Composite Sketches

Composite Sketches

  • By The Xray Eyes
  • Release 21/03/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £5.53

Product Notes

The X-Ray Eyes is a rising roots-pop superstar from Seattle, Wa. The band blends the wry wit of singer-songwriter David Lavin, with propulsive grooves, and juicy harmonies. Seattle Sound Magazine praised the "energy and originality of quirky gems like 'Just As Wells' and 'I Will Never.' And further wrote "Social Splash is the handiwork of X-Ray Eyes leadman David Lavin who writes meticulous folk-pop songs shining with influences from country to Motown. Lavin has been rightly praised for his abilities as a wordsmith, as his lyrics and melodies align like puzzle pieces that were never apart. Horns, organ and various percussions make appearances, [and] the dynamics are strong, bursting from soft verses to crashing choruses on tracks like 'Simple' and the title track." The X-Ray Eyes brand of music hits a social splash in college-based post-punk Costello/Al Stewart influenced two to three minute ditties that combine inventive instrumentation and almost-quirky production in their 11-track CD, 'Social Splash'. It's not quirk, it's rock - but the sense of humor that applies to lyrics and music choices comes subtly through. The overall production is guitar-based - the clean Fender Twin with just this side of rock distortion - dominates in barre chord heaven. The percussion is a highlight especially in tracks like 'All Talk' - which brushes into a space that could be called Caribbean Bar-mitzvah. The opening track, 'Simple', announces a bass groove that moves into a garage-band inspired band groove. We can't help but be reminded of the Attractions and others that came before in this English poppy punk mover. The perfect fifth intervals in the harmonies also have a nostalgic flavor. The reality is, though, the combination of genres, influences, and musical choices, are unique in the recipe and result in an energetic and especially savory record that bleeds of intelligence. The title track, 'Social Splash', has lyrical gems as the band describes the woman making her self-created importance a life-long priority - they sing, 'third down the list of the reasons you called, behind the subjunctive phrases and the nested clauses, the 'by the ways' and predicted pauses, like the sudden staggered brake lights rounding small talk corner'. Track 5, 'Just as Wells', is a pointed and deft description of the manner in which people repeat the same dysfunctional patterns in their relationships. The X-Ray's write, 'since your choices always filtered your fear through, blinded by your past, always looking in the rearview so the unsuspecting deer you do not see or veer to miss ends up injured like the last'. Other gems include the vocal spirit intro of 'I Will Never', the ambitious any chance in 'Spooning', and acoustic/celtic tinged, 'Over Now'. The record moves between genres and out into daring and exciting territory while maintaining an identity and style that is uniquely theirs. So shall they splash - well done.


Artist: The Xray Eyes
Title: Composite Sketches
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 21/03/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479268533
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