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  • By XS
  • Release 14/10/2003
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £14.20

Product Notes

'Moderation is a fatal thing; nothing succeeds like excess.' -Oscar Wilde To be in XS is to be excessive- to have excessive dreams, disappointments, loves, laughs, thoughts, goals, and drive. It's taking as much as you can get and still wanting more. It's about pushing your limit and pushing your luck with no guaranteed results except for an incredible ride in between, and it is, quite simply, the only way XS is capable of doing things. Hailing from San Diego, Angela Aguilar (20) and Jade Fernandez (22) belie an easy-going, yet ambitious nature that reflects their roots. Growing up Filipina-American, both nurtured a love for music planted in them by their heritage. 'Some of my earliest memories are singing ballads at family parties,' Angela says. 'It's an indelible part of me that taught me the simple power of music. No matter what the mood was, it seemed to be so definitive and seemed to be such a common denominator for no matter who the singer or audience was. It showed me the simple act of sharing music.' Since childhood, both Angela and Jade grew up with music always nearby. Angela immersed herself in dance classes, musical theater, and private piano and voice lessons while Jade discovered her love for playing the piano and singing for her family. 'Music has always been such an integral part of our makeup. It's been a part of every aspect of our lives, but I think it wasn't until we found each other that we realized that we could actually make a lifelong dream a reality.' Jade and Angela met the challenge with the same continuing dogged determination. Both were full-time college students, juggling school, work and now recording a debut album. 'It's almost like living three different lives. Every day you fill 24 hours to the breaking point, put miles in one direction only to follow your dream another 100 miles in the other direction during the same day, ' Angela shrugs. 'But how can you write about life without living it?' It's an honesty reflected in the lyrics of their music. Their debut album chronicles a wide range of emotions and moods, all while retaining the signature XS touch. Blending Angela's sultry leads with Jade's sweet vocals, XS creates a sassy, strong, and sexy sound that is all their own.


Artist: XS
Title: XS
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 14/10/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 725243248322
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