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Racing the Relapse

Racing the Relapse

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Price: £9.81

Product Notes

Listen to 'Victim' and 'Relativity,' the first two singles off the upcoming Yesmisterbloodvessel album Racing the Relapse, and it's an all too familiar and relatable story of how difficult it is to let go after a betrayal. In late 2004, Yesmisterbloodvessel was conceived from a moment of clarity amidst a deep miasma for singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christian Peppas. After a stint with New York Brit-Punk band The Rakehells, Peppas realized that he wanted to take his music in a different, more personal direction. It's clear where many of his musical influences lie-a blend of Nine Inch Nails industrial rock and the more upbeat sounds of The Beatles-but the real inspiration is borne from his perpetual analysis of personalities, incidents and, most of all, himself. Racing the Relapse is what ultimately rose from this idea. Calling on the abilities of talented producer Spivack (The Barrens, Lantis!) and a repertoire of skilled musicians including bassist John Ferrara (Consider the Source), pro guitarist Phil Christiansen, and drummers Chris Gersbeck (The Barrens) and Adam Christgau (Greg Mayo), it tells the story of how easy it is to fall into shadow when things go wrong, and stay there. But that's very much at the core of Yesmisterbloodvessel's music. It's about indulging that darkness-letting yourself sink to the deepest recesses of your mind and relishing in the depression, self-loathing and regret-before finding the strength to drag yourself back. It sticks a big middle finger up to 'putting on a strong face' and makes it okay to curl up into that womb of despair in an age when everyone's medicating themselves just to feel better. But it's the ultimate peace we find in tearing everything apart before putting it all back together that is the album's final redemption. In ealy 2008, Christian Peppas met with Racing The Relapse guitarist Phil Christiansen as well as local drummer Mike Chan in regards to playing live shows. Not too long after, local New York City bassist Feline and synth player Elizabeth Yun joined the group to complete the live [and current] lineup of Yesmisterbloodvessel. The music of Yesmisterbloodvessel is a stark reminder of how easy it is to relapse and get caught in the past, as so many of us do, but it also shows us that there is a way back. Yesmisterbloodvessel have been a featured artist on Paradize Radio and their songs 'Victim', 'Relativity' and 'Aries and Leo,' have gotten airplay on numerous college and internet radio stations including Gotham Radio and Top Rock Radio.


Artist: Yesmisterbloodvessel
Title: Racing the Relapse
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 04/11/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501054829
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