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Crab in the Starry Night Sky

Crab in the Starry Night Sky

  • By Yoshiko Furuta
  • Release 14/11/2006
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £13.71

Product Notes

Yoshiko's live LP is an exploration of life, a journey into experimentation memories and emotions. The album is a moment of clarity. "Crab in the Starry Night Sky " is not about technique and skills. It is about music and expression of feelings it is simple as water flowing. The painter use his canvas as mean to materialized ideas, Yoshiko's using silence as canvas to transcribe the magnificence of her music . You can without any effort perceive trough "A-No-Ko-Ro" that devotions and artistic sensibility are reflecting on her arrangement, compositions and performances. Love, pleasure, pain, "saudade",life are everywhere and behind every single notes she has been playing in " CHEGA DE SAUDADE ". Each compositions are a little peace of life, it is a difficult exercise to express life in words, the album is everything words can not express, the music is speaking for itself. - - Frederic Traore, A&R AOC Inc Music met Yoshiko Furuta early in her childhood. Music was part of her being, like a close family member, a trusted friend, sometimes a dreadful companion but more often an inspiring guide. The walls of the little native Hiroshima house was vibrating with Gospel music, haunted by Louis Armstrong "hello Dolly" and Sinatra "my way". Naturally at the age of six, as water follows it's course down the mountain, Yoshiko begun to learn playing an instrument allowing her to express her growing creative urges. What better instrument than an Electric Organ to express a wide range of feelings? After few years of studies, practices, and much discipline, Yoshiko began to compose. "Everything is Music" to Yoshiko, the meaning of composition became "transcribing what is already there". Along with the rigorous practice needed to become a musician she had developed an instinctive relationship with the instrument, dancing and singing are the other medium through which Yoshiko expressed herself. As a kid Yoshiko gave multiple live performances in front of enthused audiences. As a teenager, she owned a rock band with which she performed at various gigs, contests and other events. After graduating high school she picked up sound engineering. At the age of 21 she officially became an instructor "ORGAN INSTRUCTOR" and the same year she joined the "TECHNECS INSTRUCTOR'S CONCERT" of Sanko Music School where she was elected "BEST PERFORMER" that same year. Later on, being attracted by Jazz instinctive creativity, she than decides to study jazz at "KOYO Conservatory" tie up with "Berklee College of Music" in KOBE Japan. She was interested in "IMPROVISATION" to express her music. Yoshiko professional career has started at that point, she played in venues such as "Satin Doll", in Kansai Area and "J-mood" Tokyo regularly to mane few. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, became her inspiration as a lot of major musicians. But Wayne Shorter and his music led her to another world. Brazilian artists such as Milton Nascimento, Djavan, and Ivan Lins are strong influence on Yoshiko's compositions. In 2000 Yoshiko Furuta received the "BEST SCHOLARSHIP AWARD" to attend Berklee College Of Music in Boston and this opportunity changed her music life. While at Berklee, She studied and played with world re-known musician such as Jetro da Silve (Stevie Wonder, Whitny Houston), Ray Santisi, Darren Barrett (Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock), Francisco Mela (Chucho Valdez, Kenny Barron) to mention a few. But most important things happened was she met West African Music and Dance. She studied and performed with such great as Bernard Woma, Joe Kamara, and Mohammed Kamara while she was member of JAG Drum & Dance Ensemble. This opportunity made changes to her music because she has found what is at the core of music. She also began to play percussion. Nowadays, Yoshiko is performing as a pianist, a keyboardist in various events and concerts in U.S.A. She is working as a producer, composer, arranger, pianist and keyboardist at AOC Inc that she and her partner co-founded. And also she started her band call "CHANI-U". They are working on there CD to release in 2007, spring.


Artist: Yoshiko Furuta
Title: Crab in the Starry Night Sky
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 14/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479429200
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