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Unknown Label

Unknown Label

  • By Zealous Fuel
  • Release 20/11/2001
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.38

Product Notes

There is a very small state in the North East corner of the United States called Connecticut. You may have heard of it. They have lots of squirrels and trees. They also have introspective bands hidden in unheated garages they have no music scene and most bands from there won't admit it. Zealous Fuel is from Connecticut. They have issues with that. Four life long friends in a small, unheated garage writing songs because that's what they always do every Sunday morning. They've never bothered to play more than four shows in a year. Yet they have fans that have seen every single show they've ever played. Even the really bad ones at record stores. They approach each song individually and it may take two or three years to finish it and many do. They write each song for themselves and not you. Sometimes this is painfully obvious. Until they're satisfied with it no one ever gets to hear the song. There are lots of these. The songs are written in pieces so the chorus may have been written in 1995 but the stanza was probably written in 1998. They wrote a lot of stanzas that year. Zealous Fuel had obvious problems fitting in with the Connecticut club scene. They didn't know any cover tunes and didn't want to. They certainly didn't know how to play Free bird. Instead they played campuses, record stores and booked a series of unity shows at various halls. At the time it seemed like a great idea. In the end they were banned on a couple campuses and run out of Windham county and accused of a variety of degenerate behaviors. (There have been no formal charges filed) Their legend has spread from their hometown and gotten them banned in advance at several venues. You could call it discouraging. Their first hand made demo Australian Surf N' Turf was duplicated on a Sony dual cassette deck in the drummer's bedroom. The guitarists stuck the labels on the cassettes and the bassist stuffed the inserts into them individually. The drummer hand numbered them with a stamper. It sold out twice. They wouldn't make any more because it was a pain in the ass. Their second album It does that sometimes was professionally duplicated and may or may not have sold out a first run of 300. The remaining stock was last sighted in a certain guitarist's closet. But by that time they were well into the recording sessions planned as a 3rd release. The sessions were long and took over a year. There was much ass-pain had by all. The tennitive release of a live EP was planned as a hold over. It was titled Sometimes they play live. The disc was compiled but never pressed as the recording sessions for the studio album had sucked the life out of all those involved. Yeah, they took their sweet time with that third one. The Unknown Label is their first full-length CD. It was recorded over two years at Wolfsong studio by Dick McGee. Wolfsong studio then closed it's doors forever due to job-related stress. Zealous Fuel prefers not to think it was their fault. The album was then was mixed and mastered by friend and fan Mike Ryan. Finishing this record has taken over two and a half years. Zealous Fuel is completely sick of these songs now.


Artist: Zealous Fuel
Title: Unknown Label
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 20/11/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 885767859043
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