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Rap Con Cla Zeh the Mixtape

Rap Con Cla Zeh the Mixtape

(Duplicated CD)
  • By Zehtyan
  • Release 09/09/2008
  • Music Genre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £5.88

Product Notes

BRIEF INTRO This Colombia born MC has the ability to create Hip Hop music for every one, all ages, using vary instruments in the production plus he works with different kinds of rhythms salsa, rock, blues. ARTIST: ZEHTYAN LABEL: HASSLE LIFE LATINO HOMETOWN: PEREIRA, COLOMBIA AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE ARTIST The nineteen of December of 1986 was Friday. A Good day to be born. Mainly if you are somebody that is going to dedicate your life to the Art. It is important in addition, to choose a good place, preferably of good climate, a city ready for the celebration, in a sector that is always available for the enjoyment. In addition, if your parents hit upon well to baptize you Sebastian, the way in Music is assured. It is the case of our guest, who was born in Pereira, cosy city located to the center-West of Colombia, recognized by the beauty of his women, the tenacity of his men and to have the commerce and the most active industry of the denominated Colombian coffee axis. In that prosperous one, ordered and clean Colombian city Juan Sebastián was born, Zehtyan's home formed by Rafael Molina and Adriana Garcia. When he was only 3 years old, their parents separated. As of that moment, the relation with it's mother held fast, became "the man of the house". It grew in a middle high-class environment, but without extravagances nor luxuries. The sector of the city that it identifies as his, he is the denominated one "to encircle it", the "zona rosa" of Pereira, characterized by it's festive atmosphere and because in her they are the best Night clubs and restaurants "Party" was around the corner which in Colombia is called "rumba". The conditions were given, it was just a matter of time before he found his destiny. It happened when it was in the secondary one. At that time of called initiation adolescence, in that we began to define what we will be in the life, Juan Sebastián began listening to Limp Bizkit and the Hip Hop of Puerto Rico. It went to celebrations in the districts, but he did not feel right in them by the little squalid and dark atmosphere. It began to get dressed in wide clothes, t-shirts and trousers statures XL, armed a group of friends with whom one took a walk by it's city, calling the attention of the passers-by. It is when it decides to change the name and to baptize himself like ZEHTYAN. "I began to be called thus at the moment at which I discovered in the RAP the new form to express what I felt. And to develop in me an element of a very great and very beautiful culture that is called HIP HOP. Juan Sebastián is not dead, I continue being Juan Sebastián Molina, but I have the two identities. I like being both. In addition, if you pay attention, you will realize that ZEHTYAN comes from Sebastián, simply I cleared a syllable to it (bas) and then you get ZEHTYAN". The critics said that. "If one lives in the north cannot be rapper", "And why not" It was always his answer. Account that is an stigmatization with the Hip Hop, that associates with drugs, with dirt, with vandalism begins to occur. He says that his only vice is the music, that never has smoked not even cigarettes, then stigma seems unjust to him. It studied then in the School Salesiano San Juan Bosco, was fourteen years old and was attending eighth degree, when Miguel Vargas a friend his DJ made a mixtape and included one of his songs, done from a very well-known beat. The song began to sound between the friends, began to I get invited to celebrations where he was ask to perform. For his family it was very hard to accept that Juan made it into Hip Hop, but little by little they began to understand Zehtyan. By the way, his whole life friend, counts: "We are "parceros" partners from very small. At the outset we lived here in Bogotá, we attended same school, were became friends, in Pereira we began with skate board that is very compatible with rap. We were in the age of the revolt, had the skateboard and rap. A group of 6 or 8 friends we put by that side and we wanted to know more and more of that culture and in Pereira it was not very common. Zehtyan was the one that persisted, for the others were like a pastime of immaturity or something thus. He saw it like something more personal, like his career. That was the first recording of Zehtyan and first mine because I was a DJ. We began with those vinyls that sell today to two thousand pesos ($1 US) aprox, that bring voices and others, a turntable not very professional and a mixer not very professional. Soon they went away making improvements in equipment, techniques, vinyl and we contributed ourselves: he to my mixtape and I to the songs of him". Soon of that first song of which the name does not remember, he and their friend Miguel traveled to Bogotá to enjoy like spectators an event called HIP HOP AT THE PARK that the local government organizes every year. In the capital a titled song was contacted and recorded "Histories of the Rúa". It returned to Pereira with the song, better produced than it's first "success" and he posted on the Internet. With that song one occurred to know in the entire city, participated in events of social aid, published an interview in the local press and as much familiar acceptance as collective it was arriving. "HIP HOP is well structured all over the world Right now, what I want is that HIP HOP becomes a must for everybody, that becomes something massive. And that better form to say what I know by singing and by means of rhymes. So that this becomes RAP WITH CLA ZEH", it affirms Zehtyan. After "Histories of the Rúa" he recorded DALE, song with which began to beat hard in the Pereiran festive atmosphere. He was a celebrity of local music. There account occurred that the thing could work, that his music was a Hip Hop that it liked to everybody, and that they did not classify it. Once concluded the secondary one, it did not think about another option different from the one to make Music and to live for her. It was moved to Bogotá, he looked for support in former label UNDERFEET RECORDS and recorded a promotional CD MLD-2005 (Marcando La Diferencia) with which occurred to be known in the Straits but faithful rapper national circuit. July 15 in 2006, five months before turning 20 years, Zehtyan made a great decision: I create it's page in "myspace", which has meant for him a very good form to present it's music anywhere in the world. The statistics of the page speak for themselves: 20500 visits in only nine months, an average of 100 daily hearing (plays today), almost 1500 friends of "myspace" and visitors of America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Australian Continent, turn to the artist a phenomenon of the Hip Hop Latino the World. As soon as to "downloads" or "lowered" of songs directly from the page, Zehtyan clarifies: "I cancelled downloads so that they did not let visit to me. Later I will let them download". The distribution of MLD-2005 lasted until 2006. The print was 1000 discs, 300 of which they were sold and they flattered in Pereira, other 300 for the capital market and 400 more were pressed for HIP HOP AT THE PARK 2006 when it was selected national. Of that experience it remembers that it was called on to him to sing the last one behind schedule before 50 thousand spectators and being the front performance for SANTA POSTER, Mexican grouping that was one of the foreign guests. With that show many doors were opened to him. The magazine LA CUADRA dedicated two pages to him, was there exactly where it was contacted by HASSLE LIFE LLC and their songs arrived at transmitter SUBTERRANICA.COM ( that has a program Dedicated to the Hip Hop. Once the songs began to sound in the virtual transmitter, the public welcomed them like hers. The virtual transmitter has been organizing an event SUBTERRÁNICA AWARDS for several years. When they opened the calls, Zehtyan was pre-name in two categories: People Choice Award and Best Artist Hip Hop. Finally it was name to Best Artist Hip Hop. The voting were opened, always leading until they closed for the public the voting and was left guest like the only show Hip Hop the night of the awards. "Lately I have been very pending of the production of my first disc. The idea is to now release a mixtape in May and the album in July. To have signed to a NEW Latin Label, but well known and respected in the USA, HASSLE LIFE LATINO is very important for me, means a great passage in my career. They press the disc, they promote it and they distribute it. RAP WITH CLAZEH will be called". Hassle Life LLC HASSLE LIFE is a company founded in Saint Louis, Missouri (United States) by Booo (CEO) and SPAIDE RIPPER (Artist and President). In spite of his short life, already it has had a song that was part of the Billboard charts where it reached number 6 in R&B AND HIP-HOP SINGLE SALES in 2006 for 13 consecutive weeks. It is something excellent, if one considers that is a new and independent Label. Within it's artists at the moment we found SPAIDE RIPPER, NIMMY RUSELL, TRAUMA and in Latin America by means of HASSLE LIFE LATINO at the moment ZEHTYAN, JUAN HABITUAL, DAHYANA, KAMIKAZIS. SPANISH VERSION Cuando se habla de Zehtyan se habla de música independiente, tenacidad, mordacidad y humor. Con apenas 22 años cumplidos, Zehtyan cuenta con una importante trayectoria dentro de la escena musical en Colombia, por lo irreverente, directo y honesto de sus letras cargadas de realidad y su música fresca y contundente. El artista pereirano o From La Perla como dice él mismo ha llevado al Hip Hop colombiano varios pasos más allá del gueto y lo underground. Su carrera musical, siempre de la mano de la tecnología, lo ha posicionado en el medio como un artista único en la escena del Hip Hop Latino. Sus mixtapes para descarga gratuita y su constante contacto con las causas sociales lo convierten en un artista auténtico, en un ejemplo para muchos jóvenes que quieren salir adelante y encontrar en el arte la mejor forma de expresión. Es así como Zehtyan se ha unido al Programa Mundial de Alimentos de la Organización de Naciones Unidas para ayudar y beneficiar a todas las personas que pasan hambre en el mundo entero. El artista quisiera que los jóvenes y adultos que lo conocen y admiran por su música contribuyeran con esta gran causa. Zehtyan y su disquera independiente Hassle Life están donando desde hace varios meses el 15% de sus ventas y descargas en MP3 de su disco RapconClaZeh. Su más reciente videoclip, titulado MONOPOLIO fue lanzado hace varios meses y llama la atención por su letra irreverente, ácida y directa que puede ser vista como un manifiesto de independencia: mientras más nos censuren más fuerte vamos a gritar. El director del video es Paul Cataño Toro y ha tenido excelente aceptación por parte de la crítica y los fans de Zehtyan. Por otra parte, Zehtyan tiene el récord de haber filmado el videoclip de Hip Hop más corto de la escena: MAL-TRATO DE 1:24, corto pero con una letra que deja claro todo, según dice él mismo. El video es novedoso, crudo y muy bien realizado. En el 2009 Zehtyan realizó por segunda vez una gira promocional por varias ciudades de Colombia (Pereira, Medellín, Barranquilla y Cartagena) arrojando muy buenos resultados en la promoción de su música y videos. En el 2010 es nominado por segundo año consecutivo a los PREMIOS SHOCK 2010 como Mejor Artista Urban Style por su màs reciente trabajo musical 7 DÌAS DE RAP. Sin lugar a dudas estamos frente a un artista que seguirá dando de qué hablar.


Artist: Zehtyan
Title: Rap Con Cla Zeh the Mixtape
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 09/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479876868
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